Ato Apiafi Architects, PLLC

Designing Buildings and Retrofits to Enrich Lives • DREAM • DESIGN • DELIVER

Who We Are

Ato Apiafi Architects (AAA), PLLC is a client-centric Bellevue, WA based architecture firm. We provide a full range of public and private architectural services.  AAA is organized to provide services to clients who desire top-notch project management services and modern design aesthetics over mere quantity of work.

Each project will be guided by our Managing Principal, Ato Apiafi who will be involved in all phases of the project and will also provide design services, with a Project Manager assisting with project management services and ongoing follow-through.  All AAA staff thrive on collaboration, share in our commitment to be thorough in meeting our clients' business objectives, and are essential to the hallmark of our firm: high level quality project management services and creating works of beauty.  We strive to integrate sustainable building practices in all phases of our operations.

Mission, Vision, and Specialized Expertise

Ato Apiafi Architects, PLLC is a true American dream.  We are driven by the pursuit of excellence and a sense of altruism to leverage the power of our design skills for the greater good of society. Our goal is to design buildings that welcome people.

AAA's Managing Principal and founder, Ato, is an unrepentant dreamer. He has committed AAA to always strive for creative problem-solving solutions, attention to details, and good work ethics to earn the trust of our clients.

We are good listeners and work collaboratively with clients for consistently satisfying and superior quality architectural results.

Market Areas of Focus

Our history of repeated projects from our clients is a testament to AAA's competency, top-notch work ethics, honesty, integrity, reliability, diligence, and professionalism.

AAA is considered amongst the best-in-class for projects in the following variety of market sectors and are our primary focus:

Academic Projects:

  •  Higher Education
  •  K-12 Schools

Infrastructure Upgrades:

  • Facilities Condition Assessment
  • Building Envelope
  • Tenant Improvement
  • ADA Compliance
  • HVAC/Life Safety Upgrade
  • Demolition/Addition/Remodel

Alternative Project Delivery:

  • Progressive Design-Build (D-B)
  • GC/CM

Modern Architecture Design

  • Creating Works of Beauty


Client Focus:

  • We are committed to meeting client needs within their project budget and schedule.

Design Excellence:

  • We strongly believe in the cliché "good design is good business".


  • AAA has embraced the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. We know diversity breeds creativity, variety of viewpoints, innovation, and healthy competition to solve problems and meet clients' bottom-line. To be better competitive, we believe in attracting the best talents from a culturally diverse talent pool.